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Children's Gifting Ceremony & Jaden + Gracia's Birthday

After the incredibly moving ceremony was finished, during the time set aside for fellowship, we gathered at Keith Hall to celebrate Jaden and Gracia's birthdays. In the event following, our parents showered OCBC Tamil Congregation kids with presents as a sign of blessing, thank you, Pastor Das and family. 

A thank-you card and prayer blessings from the church elders were given to Pastor Das and his family by Darwin in recognition of their service to the congregation.

Gracia's Birthday,

Children's Gift [Blessing] Time & Prayer for our Pastor and Family.

Jaden's Birthday celebration below,

Despite the fact that the preceding events were a celebration, there were a few people who were prayed for and who also celebrated their birthdays. Happy Birthday to Prem Anna, Star and Erin.


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