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Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement



Knowing that our practical as well as spiritual needs can be met by a loving and compassionate God through the cross.



To see all people together under one God, one Spirit and one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That we might live kingdom lives.



The binding ethos is one

of mission specifically God's mission to a lost and dying world

Psalm 146:6  He is the maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them - He remains faithful forever.

Introducing Jesus Christ to the community we live in.

Building a strong family of believers.

Sharing with purpose our faith with the present and future generations.

Nuturing and preparing children and youth in the development of a faith community.

Developing a discipleship strategy.

Utilising our God given cultural diversity in the propagation of the gospel.

Sharing strategically our facilities for the propagation of the gospel.

Making missions the primary focus of the church.

Encouraging believers towards works of evangelism.


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