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Champions for Christ

Akash Venkatesan

Personal Profile

What do you like best about your Dad?

Answer: His kindness and his love for me. He cares for me so much that even if it hurts me, he will still do the right thing for me. I can always rely on his judgement.

What do you like best about your Mom?

Answer: Her sacrificial love. She never stops at anything to give me the best. Even if it's important to her, if it benefits me, she will give it to me. I love the way my mom gives me advice on the values of life.

If there is one thing you could ask Jesus what would it be?

Answer: To get baptised.

If you could be a friend to anyone in the Bible (outside of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit) who would it be?

Answer: David. I love his character and his love for God and people; even the ones who hurt him. He is very understanding of God's will for him.

What is it that you want to see happen for yourself spiritually this year?

Answer: To grow closer to Jesus and develop a stronger relationship with Him.

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