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At The Teens, our doors are open to every child of any culture. Our dream is to bring children to christ with an in depth learning of the bible. E.P.I.C is our motto, it stands for Endless Possibilities In Christ. When we think of this motto we remember that we can do anything with Christ and the choices are endless. Come, join us and see all the things we do at OCBC Church on 45 Mason, Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand.


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Our Teens

The Champions are an epic team of Sunday School pre-teens working continuously to glorify the name of Jesus.  We are learning the Love of Jesus AND that HE is always striving to recreate, renew, redevelop and rediscover ways to have a real relationship with us.  Join us on our Journey.

Sunday: 8:15am - 10:00am

Join Us

The Teens

Here at Otahuhu Community Baptist church we take our children and their walk with God, seriously. We get involved in their little world and help them on their journey as they learn to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

- Beena Venkatesan (Teacvher)

Come visit our teens and see what they have to say

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