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In Memory of Dear Gwen

Our Dear Beloved Sister Gwen Handisides went to be with the Lord on 28th May, 2018. She was the backbone and served in the church for nearly 60 years. It was a huge loss and a time of grief for family members, friends and members at OCBC.

The Funeral Service was on 1 June, 2018. The Memorial Service arranged by OCBC on 10th June was a celebration of Gwen and her awesome contribution to one and all. Many tributes were presented by family members, friends and the members of the English, Tamil and Chinese service congregations to express their love and fond memories held close to heart.

We've managed to get a few pictures and tributes on this page in honour of our dear sister Gwen...

Memorial Service - TRIBUTES

By Jeffrin: (Tribute by one of our Champions)

Gwen was one of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever known and I can never forget the friendship we had. She would always greet me with a warm smile every Sunday. It is a great privilege to say that I had gotten her lovely hugs.

Every year she would make a birthday card and she wouldn’t leave church until she found me and gave me that card. Her acts of kindness inspired me to be the best that I can be.

She had great love for children and would give us the nicest compliments. She was one of the only people who could pronounce my name on her first try.

Those church game nights were incredibly fun and will never be forgotten. She was a hard worker and she contributed so much to the church to make it the way it is now.

Her faith in God was unbreakable! No matter what held her back or put her down she would stick with God all the way and never lose hope.

She will be honored and will forever be in our hearts. Gwen, a person of unconditional love. She will be missed.

By Rebecca : (Tribute by one of our Champions)

Gwen, kind and caring

Always understanding

Her smile shone brightly

And she was always lively

Her words were wise

And her heart was large in size

The hugs she gave were filled with love

Nothing can compare to her endless love

She showed compassion to one another

She will remain in my heart forever

Gwen we will miss you

Tribute by Beulah Sushil (Member of our Tamil Service)

Well, it's an honour and a privilege to talk a fe words about Gwen, the Chile of the one true King. As the word of God says..many women do noble things but she surpassed them all. Gwen was The Esther with Boldness and courage, when it comes to the things of God, where Hospitality of Lydia is in line with Submission of May. She was Hannah, when it's time to get on her knees.. She stands tall and strong on her knees to interceding and standing in the gap for others.

Prayer is her priority, she always prays. She reads and meditates the word of God at all times. She considered others more important than herself. Her selfless life is worth far more than rubies. Her heart goes out to missions and the missionaries. She always had a burden for the lost souls.

Gwen was a loving Mother to all of us. She looked at everyone through the eyes of Jesus. When help is needed, she will be the first one to step up.

Above all she took time to smile all the time.

She was the best gift given to us from Heaven Above and now she is in the loving arms of our Saviour.

I Adored her smile, Cherished her hugs and Admired her heart. She is a role model, a legend who had left behind beautiful memories for us to cherish and remember. She has left behind foot prints for us to follow as a Daughter, as a mother, as a prayer warrior and as a Godly woman praying for others.

Above all her beautiful smile. We will miss you GWEN.

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