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Champions Club - day out

Here at Otahuhu Community Baptist church we take our children and their walk with God, seriously. We get involved in their little world and help them on their journey as they learn to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

The lovely champions (Sunday school pre-teens) often expressed that they couldn't wait to have a day out just filled with fun and no responsibilities. The Champions closed the year 2017 learning about the Agape love of Jesus. From lessons, projects, worship, plays to dances they had a very busy time giving their all to the Lord the entire year.

Their prayers were answered. The long awaited day arrived and a well deserved time out at the Sylvia Park was organised for them. Lunch of their choice and a fun time at the arcade, were the highlight of the day. It was a sunny day filled with so much chatter as the pre-teens headed off in 3 different cars to the mall after the Sunday Service. It was such a relaxing, sit back and laugh a little time, that they finally got to enjoy.

To see the young children mingle with each other in brotherly love as the bible says, was the best bonding time they had in a while. Also, as Sunday school begins in Feb, they couldn't have started the year any better. We really thank our dear Jesus who makes all things possible in the right time.

The champions can't wait to begin their journey this year, learning and equipping themselves with the word as they once again start Sunday school and take on some church responsiblities.

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