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Fishing in the holidays. Otahuhu Community Baptist Auckland Tamil Church trip

Drag Fishing - on the 14th January 2018

Opportunities for Youth and Family Fellowship

I heard from a youth minister that "There's no such thing as effective youth ministry; there is only youth and family ministry" I believe effective youth ministry means investing in both the youth and in the parents to build their bonding and the parents will take their role as the primary spiritual leader for their children to lead them in the spiritual path.

For families with teenagers, we offer family events. A casual outing, held at Port Waikato with a seasonal activity. Port Waikato gives different opportunities for different people so it caters to all our family members interests. We as a family did drag fishing, dune surfing, net fishing, had a BBQ, handmade pool,remembered our young age games like hiding a stick in the sand and spotting it and loads of laughter and fun. Drag fishing provides opportunities to work as a team, we needed a few people to drag the net in the sea, a few people to keep the net untangled and fight with the fish to get it out of the water. What a great fun activity to do with our OCBC church community, it was a day to remember.


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