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Hear his voice through my bible

I’d like to first and foremost thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to share this testimony. This year, I believe my relationship with God has grown a lot. For a few years, I have constantly had one question, “in the bible, the Lord spoke to many people and it tells us to also listen to him but I have never understood how he speaks to us and how do I know that it is Him speaking to me?” Recently while preparing for my message, I struggled. I was lost on what topic to speak about and how to speak front of the service, but I was told to kneel down and pray and ask for Lord for guidance. Gradually, I was able to hear his voice through my bible readings in the morning. Every day a single verse spoke to me about my relationship with God, and I took these verses to build my message upon.

I had then asked Jerusha, our worship leader, about what theme she had planned for the worship for the service and she replied with “relationships with God” I was amazed at how God had planned it out already for our service to have this theme. When preparing my message I finally received the answer to my question. God speaks in multiple ways to us, but I needed to learn how to specifically listen to Him. I’d like to Thank and praise God for giving me the opportunity through this youth service to find an answer to my question.

- Rachel

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