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Claiming his words

Reading the Bible and claiming the promises found in the word has been of great support while going through difficult and tough times. Sharing those words of comfort which was helpful in building my faith could be of use to someone who may be going through a similar situation.

It is not only important to spell out our desires and wishes in prayer but to claim it by reading the words found in I Chronicles 4: 10, I Chronicles 29: 11 to 13, Psalm 144: 12 to 15.

We need to protect our children by claiming the words found in Songs of Solomon 4: 12

It is also important to protect the blessings given to us by him. This can be done by claiming the words found in Job 1: 10.It is important for the women to seek God’s hands to be with them to be filled with wisdom and goodness by reading the words found in Proverbs 12: 4 and Proverbs 14: 1. We parents can read these words to fill our daughters and the daughter in laws who are to come into our family in the future with wisdom and goodness.In the present world we face lot of difficulties to bring up our children, especially to put them on the right track. We may be faced with lot of fears, questions and doubts of whether we are doing the right thing. Seeking his wisdom along with remembering the words found in Isaiah 65: 27 will assure us that God has given children to be of blessing and joy to us.We might be many times placed on a crossroad like situation confused having difficulty with making the right decision. Reading the words found in James 1:5 will enable us to hand over the problem into the hands of our God almighty so that he will be able to lead us in the right path.There can be times when we feel uncomfortable having conversation with some people (may be due to difference of opinion). The words found in Isaiah 50: 4 will be of assistance as it will give us the assurance that he can create a pleasant atmosphere and rebuild the broken relationships.Claiming the words found in Psalm 18: 43 will keep us away from fights and quarrels which can crop up with simple issues and minor grievances.We hear of so many accidents and incidents happening all over the world. As a child of God we need to seek his presence to come with us. For example even while visiting the neighbor’s place or close by dairy. It is important to read and learn it by heart the words in Psalm 121: 6 to 8 before closing the door or starting the car as this will imbibe in our kids the importance of seeking our Lord’s assistance even while doing simple things.All of us at some point of time face a stressful situation with circumstances like facing an interview board; needing to do a presentation before a gathering, upcoming performance appraisal so on and so forth. Remembering the words found in Exodus 4: 11 and 12 will give us the confidence that our God who equipped Moses to face Pharaoh is with us.To obtain mercy and favor in the eyes of officials we need to remember the words found in Nehemiah 1:11.When we are going through tough times and are gripped with fear just reading and remembering the words found in Psalm 107: 13 & 14, 19 & 20, 28 to 30 will help us to uphold our faith and wait for the deliverance to come from him.Many a times the circumstances and situations can lead us to lose our faith. All we have to do is remember the words found in II Timothy 1: 7 and latter part of 12, Mark 10: 27 and John 1: 50.To renew our strength when we feel weak and weary it is good to remember the words found in Isaiah 40: 31.By reading the words found in II Kings 3: 16 to 18, II Chronicles 14: 11 and Job 42: 2 we can gain the confidence that there is nothing too hard for our Lord.

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