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HAMILTON MINISTRY - Hamilton Indian Christian Fellowship


Hamilton Ministry began as a small Prayer Fellowship comprising three to four families in early 2006. The meetings are held at Fairfield Baptist Church at Hamilton. Now the meetings are held twice a month, every second Saturday and fourth Saturday of every month. The Fellowship is warm, friendly and family oriented. It’s a comfortable place to be in.    


The Fellowship has seen a number of students from India and other countries crossing paths almost every week. Students with great dreams come to New Zealand shores for studies and for a better future, but they struggle to make ends meet as time goes on. These students need support and prayers and that is what this Fellowship offers. The Fellowship has been blessed with  good spiritual leaders who take them through prayer and faith in our Lord Jesus and many students’ lives have changed for good by such ministries. Also many families who move in for better prospects face the same challenges of settling in and they find this Fellowship a great support.    


This ministry is visited by many evangelists and pastors from all across the world from time to time, and their ministry and encouragements have been very helpful for people who attend the meetings.


Hamilton ministry is an arm of Otahuhu Community Baptist Church’s mission. This is an outreach ministry of OCBC, which has supported and funded this ministry for more than eleven years and is still doing so prayerfully. Recently this ministry took the name: Hamilton Indian Christian Fellowship.


Friend, if you are living in Hamilton or close by, please do visit us and you will find yourself in a familiar place.

God Bless

Pastor Das    

Facebook: Hamilton Indian Christian Fellowship


We Serve Christ

We would love to pray for you and for your need.

Come and join us in prayer. 

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